Professional Referral Organization of Seattle

PROS Offers
Prosperity, Referrals, Opportunity and Support

Business owner Valerie Vavrik was very active in the South Seattle community, serving on the board of her local chamber for many years and belonging to a network group of professionals called PROS. Joining PROS was by invitation only, and potential members were carefully screened to assure professionalism. Members of PROS used each others services so we knew from personal experience that we could confidently recommend each other. Many of our original members have retired, so this list may not be current. If you need a professional referral, give Val a call. PROS members listed below were still in business at the time of this posting. EMAIL US


Allied Security

Call Steve Blier at: (425) 271-3542 or email him at:

Aruba-J Mind Body Wellness Center

Kim Boyden, M.A., Certified Hypnotherapist

Call Kim at (206) 355-5640.

Patrick & Associates

Call Michael at (206) 236-5646.

RE/MAX - Sharon Mann

Call Sharon at (206) 241-5300.

Retirement Specialists, Symetra Financial

Call (425) 827-0333.

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